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Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Illustrator. Also, experienced live event Illustrator.

Lecturing in Illustration...

Have just finished three separate talks at my old school as part of their Work Education for year 10 students where I talked about my work to date and what routes and decisions I have made to date.

Very strange going back and speaking to girls, whose age I remember being, as feeling as though you have done so much, yet not nearly enough, since then!

I achieved what I hoped to do by (hopefully) inspiring a few girls to follow the ‘art’ route and what decisions/work/experience they may want to look into to get there. I remember knowing I wanted to do something creative, and loving art and drawing, yet having no idea what I wanted to do. What I wanted to put accross is that, that is fine! Open and knock on as many doors as you can and one will open.

Boarding up for Revlon...

Trying out GIFF's for an Olay storyboard...